Son of Parish Celebrates 10 Years a Priest

2017-06-11-14-34-22.jpgToday at his church in Cary, North Carolina, Father Mark Shuey, a son of our Ukiah parish, celebrated his tenth anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. His parish and the Ruthenian parish with which they share a building came together for the communal celebration of the Divine Liturgy. At the end of the liturgy a deacon of the parish praised and thanked Fr. Mark for his tireless work and perpetual optimism, and intoned “God Grant You Many Years” for Fr. Mark and his wife Dawn. Fr. Mark then thanked his parishioners, his deacons, and most especially his wife for helping him in his ministry and for keeping him going.

unnamed (12)
Fr. Mark (not yet a priest) is seen, holding his daughter, in the lower left of this picture of our parish from 1999.

Having been a member of the community at Mount Tabor Monastery before our mission was formed, Fr. Mark and his family were members of our parish during its early years. From there, Fr. Mark and his family moved to the East Coast, where he pursued the priesthood. On June 4th, 2007, Fr. Mark was ordained a priest of the Saint Josaphat Eparchy by Bishop Robert Moskal.

Fr. Mark, his wife Dawn, and children Sarah, Cameron, Sophia, Charlie, and Mary.

Father Mark, husband and father of five, is currently the pastor of Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Mission and the administrator of Saints Cyril and Methodius Ruthenian Catholic Church, both in Cary, NC. He is also the director of missions for the Saint Josaphat Eparchy.


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