Schedule for Bishop’s Visit and Ordination

On  December 31st, the Sunday after the Nativity of Our Lord,  His Grace Bishop +BENEDICT will visit our church, and will ordain parishioner and seminarian Philip Gilbert to the subdiaconate. The weekend’s services will be as follows:

Bishop +BENEDICT with the seminarians of Saint Nicholas Eparchy

Saturday, December 30th:


Bishop +BENEDICT arrives

5:30pm–Great Vespers

Sunday, December 31st:


9:00am (approx.)–Subdiaconate ordination and Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, festive brunch to follow

4:00pm–Great Vespers with Litiya for Circumcision and St. Basil

Bishop +BENEDICT departs

Monday, January 1st — St. Basil, Circumcision of Our Lord

7:30am–Festal Matins

9:00am–Divine Liturgy


One thought on “Schedule for Bishop’s Visit and Ordination

  1. Dear Saint Peter Church Community,
    Thank you for the update and information. I will not unfortunately be attending but will humbly pray for Sub-deacon Phillip, the Bishop, and especially your wonderful community too.
    May we humbly grow in love with prayers,
    Elder Justin Antony Prior
    *Our Lady of Fatima Hermitage*

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