Christ is Born! (photos)

“When it was time for Your coming on earth, the first imperial taxation was held, but you also took a census, O Lord, recording the names of all who believe in Your birth. You used the decree of Caesar for Your own end: to make manifest Your timeless and eternal kingdom! Therefore, we pay You our taxes, not with golden coins, but with the riches of orthodox theology, O God and Savior of our souls.” –sticheron from the praises of matins for Nativity

On December 25th the Church celebrates the feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ, both true God and true man, was born of the virgin Mary so that He may save us from our sins. God the creator of all enters creation and in doing so sanctifies it and us. Let us continue to welcome Christ our God with great joy! A blessed feast to all!

(Pictures from Vespers with Litiya on the eve of Nativity. Credit to Jim King).



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