Fr. David presents at Christ in the Desert

During the week of the Myrrhbearing Women Father David and Subdeacons Nathaniel and Philip traveled to Abiquiu, New Mexico at the invitation of the Benedictine monks of Christ in the Desert Monastery. Father David was invited to present a series of classes on the Ante-Nicene Fathers to the monks, as he has done a number of times before on various topics. On this occasion Father David also celebrated the Byzantine Divine Liturgy for the entire monastic community, and our subdeacons served and sang the responses. The monks Since the Liturgy was during paschal time, Father David taught the monks to sing “Christ is Risen” so that they could join in the singing at the Liturgy. The Liturgy was well received and the monks enthusiastically expressed their thanks. Some of the monks joyously expressed that the celebration made it feel “like Easter again.”

Here are some pictures of the monastery and of the Divine Liturgy.



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