This is a list of some relevant links and various pages we like. Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive.


The Patriarchate — The official website of our Church.

The Metropolia — The website of the Archeparchy of Philadelphia, PA.

St. Nicholas Eparchy — The website of our Eparchy of Chicago, IL.

St. Josaphat Eparchy — The website of the (Ukrainian) Eparchy of Parma, OH.

Stamford Eparchy — The website of the Eparchy of Stamford, CT.


Newton Eparchy — The Melkite eparchy for all of the United States, located in Newton, MA.

Archeparchy of Pittsburgh — The Ruthenian Archeparchy, located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Eparchy of Parma — The Ruthenian Eparchy of Parma, OH (not to be confused with the Ukrainian Eparchy of Parma, OH).

Eparchy of Passaic — The Ruthenian Eparchy  of Passaic, NJ.

Eparchy of the Holy Protection of Mary The Ruthenian Eparchy of Phoenix, AZ.

Eparchy of St. George — The Romanian Eparchy for the United States, located in Canton, OH.


Holy Transfiguration Monastery — (Also known as “Mount Tabor.”) A men’s monastery very close to our parish, where many of our parishioners went before our parish was formed.

St. Michael the Archangel Church— A parish of our eparchy in Tucson, AZ.

St. Elias the Prophet Church — A (newly-rebuilt) flagship parish of our Church, located in Brampton, Ontario. Their Youtube channel is also worth stopping by.

St. Sofia Church A church of our eparchy in The Colony, TX. Their website has valuable musical resources and information. 

Christ the Bridegroom Monastery — A Ruthenian women’s monastery in Burton, OH.

Holy Resurrection Monastery — A Romanian men’s monastery in St. Nazianz, WI.


News — The official resource service for the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.

RISU — The Religious Information Service of Ukraine.

Royal Doors — English language resources for Ukrainian Catholics.

Byzantine, TX — An Orthodox blog with news and events to keep you up to date on all that happens in the Eastern Christian world.

Eastern Hospitality — “Food and Faith throughout the Church Year” — An online cooking show hosted by Mother Gabriella (of Christ the Bridegroom Monastery) and Father Moses (of Holy Resurrection Monastery).

Orthodox Arts Journal — A blog concerning traditional Orthodox liturgical arts.

MASI — The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute for Eastern Christian Studies is a faculty of theology which offers degrees in Eastern Christian Studies.

New Liturgical Movement — A blog dedicated to discussing and rediscovering traditional liturgy in both East and West. Our parish has been featured in many of their photoposts.