On this page you may find some links to relevant videos. To see photographs of our parish you may click on those in the side bar or view posts categorized under “photopost.”

Seminarian Blog: Our parishioner and seminarian Subdeacon Philip is currently in priestly formation in Ukraine. He has a blog about his experiences which you can read here.

Videos of our parish:

The Paschal troparion sung in various languages

Paschal Matins, Procession, Divine Liturgy, April 1st 2018

Paschal Vigil: Vesperal Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil, March 31st, 2018

Festal Matins, Vesting, Subdiaconal Ordination Hierarchical Divine Liturgy with Bishop +BENEDICT Dec 31st 2017

Vesting and Subdiaconal Ordination Dec 31 2017 (clip of above video)

Great Vespers with Bishop +BENEDICT, Dec 30 2017

The taking up of the shroud and “Arise, O God,” Holy Saturday Vigil, 2016

The Gospel and “Christ is Risen,” Paschal Matins, 2016

The Paschal Gospel proclaimed in various languages, Paschal Divine Liturgy, 2016

Videos of others:

Patriarch Sviatoslav on the relation between the Ukrainian Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches, Canada, 2016. “We ARE an Orthodox Church.”

Good Friday at the Pontifical Russian College (Russicum), Rome, 2014. “A Byzantine Catholic Good Friday”